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Custom project page with overlapping text and image on hover

@mariusjopen Thank you very much! https://www.lookstudios.com/main-build-2-2-3

That link is where you can see how it's looking now, found my own way with mainly css for the link and some js to place the colors.

I guess the only real issue now is getting the text to be white when it's overlayed on the image (the text corresponding to the image will all have their own colors) like in the initial photo. Everything else I have. If you or somebody else can think of something please let me know! Very helpful so far, thanks!

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Zoom in cover image, if aspect ratio doesn't fit image

Dear @neunzehnachtneun
happy it works!


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Fullscreen slider Arrows not working


I'm trying to use custom arrows on the fullscreenslider but it's not showing up.


How can I troubleshoot this?


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Did you follow the steps in "How to Install" and "Troubleshooting" but still have problems? And your webhost support could not help you either? Ask here.
PHP Update with OVH

Is there any way to contact OVH?
Looks like an error on the hoster’s end to me.

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SVG mouse cursor for the carousel

You’re more than welcome!
Glad it works.
Let’s mark this solved.

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#allcitiesarebeautiful — new website

Dear @alexandre


Super nice!


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