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Hover on simple Images

@arminunruh said in Hover on simple Images:

.img img{
transition: all 300ms ease;

.img:hover img{
filter: brightness(0.9);

.img .caption{
opacity: 0;
transition: opacity 300ms ease;

.img:hover .caption{
opacity: 1;

Hello Armin

This post is just what I am looking for, but there is something that I am not doing in the right way. I add the code to my Custom CSS and something is working because when I put the mouse over I can see the darkening of the image but I can not see the caption. Tha code that I put is:

.img img{ transition: all 300ms ease; } .img:hover img{ filter: brightness(0.9); } .img .caption{ position: absolute; top: 50%; left: 50%; transform: translate(-50%, -50%); } .img:hover .caption{ opacity: 1; }

The only thing that I need is to see the caption over the image at the center of the photo that is not a project thumbail. This one, for example is in a Category and inside a project too. The darkening works in every situation but I can not see the caption.


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Background image in gridder / text overlay

Here we go with some quick sketches @mariusjopen

I’m aware that it’s possible to use any image or video as a background. With the method I illustrated below there would be the possibility to freely place more images (or even text) in the gridder, resize, offset and align them as desired and use that layout as a background (aka. move it behind the main content via z-index).

I guess that’s what @naperonable was trying to describe – I imagine something like this could be a pretty cool solution:


Place an image or content in the gridder and be able to right-click it to put it in the background.


Be able to place any content freely above the element(s) in the background.


If one wants to edit the background again → right-click in the row → Edit Background. The content in the front should be hidden and the background can be edited (looks like #1)


The frontend might look like this or similar after the editing is done and published:

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Migrating Captions

Hi there,

Seem to have a bug in the way the captions on a carousel are displayed. Slowly throughout the progression of the slideshow, the captions start to migrate to the right. This is more noticeable on mobile, where it migrates so far in the bounding box that you start to see the edge of the previous caption.

Any ideas?

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License key invalid

Dear @jul-gordon
Best is if you write an email to info@laytheme.com and include a link to this conversation.


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Transition circles + text caption Carousel addon

Hi @mariusjopen ! I'm wondering if is possible to have small transition circles and image captions at the same time; when small circles is activated, you can't have image captions...

Thank you in advance!


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Artist website

Cool cool cool! ❤️

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