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Media Library not loading uploads properly

I'm trying to upload a favicon to theleapingsalmon.co.uk but when uploading an image to the Media Library it just brings up a blank square. It does not matter what files type, or size I upload.

If you click 'Edit Image' it will bring up the preview but will still not showcase the image once this has been saved.

I recently transferred the website from one domain to another following the documentation tutorial but not sure if this has effected something in the database?

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Got an idea for Lay Theme? I might include it in a new update or code an addon.
Different type when mouseover

@edgrbnz that's true, thanks! I saw you also have the option of writing in html and add the span and the class of the paragraph by yourself.

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Something is not working? Please provide a screenshot, your browser name and browser version and your operating system.
Can't update Lay Theme to the newest version

I solved the problem. Under "Design" -> "Themes" I had two versions of lay theme. So I activated the new version of lay theme and then deleted the old version. This worked.

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Did you follow the steps in "How to Install" and "Troubleshooting" but still have problems? And your webhost support could not help you either? Ask here.
Disable Menu on Fronpage (Desktop only?)

@marvic Please post your solution here. Comments like "Solved it!" don’t help nobody.

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Got a question about an Addon?
Carousel Add on disappeared

Dear @alexandrap
if you use your old files and not not update anything. Then it might still work.
Try a new install of Laytheme with your old files.



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C/K minimal photography portfolio

@mariusjopen thanks so much !

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