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Thumbnails mouseover transition

Hello !
I'm trying to adjust the speed of the transition between the project thumbnail image and the project thumbnail image mouseover.
I tried to modify the css using transition properties (like transition duration), but it don't works.
I probably didn't find the good selector on CSS...I tried on .mo_thumb entries for exemple but without success...
Thank you !

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Add page loaded flag

Sure, good point!

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No content on iPad IOS 9.3.5

Hi @ariszenone and @mariusjopen,

I'm also having the same issue on my iPad with 9.3.5. www.scottmiles.org Hopefully this may be a small glitch with an easy solution?


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Did you follow the steps in "How to Install" and "Troubleshooting" but still have problems? And your webhost support could not help you either? Ask here.
client receiving spam web design emails after purchasing Laytheme

Hey we never had that happen before. Maybe this is not related to lay theme, not sure!

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Transparency Option for Project Thumbnail Mouseover

Hey there Lay-Team,

I currently am struggling a bit with the available options for the Project Thumbnail Mouseover.
My whole page works with an off-black background (image!) and a lot of the images have the same background color to make them seem to be free floating. The problem with the current options is, that they all change the background color of my image when hovered:

Change Brightness: makes the whole thumbnail darker which in my case reveals a border I don’t want to be shown. Show Background Color: shows a background color, which (depending on the browser) also reveals a border for a short time depending on the color settings of the used monitor.

I'd love to have a third option like:

Change Opacity: which simply controls and animates the opacity for the Project Thumbnails.

Or a way to set the Background Color in Show Background Color to transparent. I hope that makes sense!

Cheers & Thank you!

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A few examples of my usage of "Lay Theme"

Thank you @ArneRobot for coming back to this!

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