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Fullscreen Slider Option: Clicking next in the last slide goes right to the first slide and vice versa - Doesn't work on mobile


The option "Clicking next in the last slide goes right to the first slide" and vice versa - Doesn't work on mobile.
The option is checked and does work on the desktop (I've hidden the dots navigation on the desktop though).

Another problem that I've experienced with the FullScreen Slider on mobile devices, that once in awhile, the screen appears white and the slider doesn't load.
In the console I can see a lot of errors (not found) regarding loading the sections' background images.
In order to fix it, I need to go to gridder, make a change and then "update" the page, and voila it works again after that.

These are two very critical issues for me, as the website is supposed to be online by tomorrow morning.


Thanks in advance for your help!

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Option for setting the caption *inside* the image (instead of below)

Perhaps I just didn’t figure out how… but I wish there would be an option to globally set where image captions apear.

Right now they appear left, centered or right aligned below the image (depending on how you set the text to be aligned). It would be super cool to have an option to define if image captions appear below or inside or above images.
This feature unfortunately only is available for Project Thumbnails right now. Would be great to see the same or a similar treatment for image captions.

Similiar to these settings:

All the best!

If this is already there please point me in the right direction.

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Custom Cursor not working


I had custom cursors on both of my websites, however, they've both stopped working and just randomly flicker.

This is the code i'm using:

a {
cursor: url(https://www.sixahead.site/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Cursor_Link.png) 20 20, auto !important;
body {
cursor: url(https://www.sixahead.site/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/cursorfav-1.png) 20 20, auto !important;



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mobile gridder issues

Dear @Pierre-Fave

I made a test project to have a look.

When creating the mobile Layout you can try this option:

Hope that helps!


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Multiple slides per view (Laytheme Carousel)

Hi Lay team! I’m bumping this thread to ask if this has been implemented in any of the updates since this topic was posted? I’m looking to achieve the exact functionality. Thanks!

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A few websites designed using 'LayTheme'

Hey @ondrejricica really awesome stuff!
May I ask how you realized the images behind the text in this particular one → l-vis1990.com? Been scratching my head about how to achive this layout lately,…

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