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Menu and submenu to fixed it

Good evening,
I posted a request two weeks ago but without success, I think there are many requests but it is still a call for help... The mouse over doesn't work on my site, you can't even click on the sub menu: www.alexandreonimus.com

Could someone help me to have a fixed menu and sub menu in a first time Following what it gives to have the fixed menus I would like to do like this reference there: http://romainlaprade.com and to have this same principle of appearance of project, somebody would know how to make?

Thank you very much for your help!

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Got an idea for Lay Theme? I might include it in a new update or code an addon.
Footer / Polylang Automation

Oookay hahaha 😆
Thank you!

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Shop related questions and issues

Increase width of dropdown

I've found this css selector: ".lay-variable-products-select-container" and if I change it from "width: calc(50% - 10px)" to "width: 100%" it increases which is great but could look a little tidier.

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Something is not working? Please provide a screenshot, your browser name and browser version and your operating system.
Sticky Footer not working on mobile...

I'm noticing this is an issue for me too. Is this still on the list?

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Did you follow the steps in "How to Install" and "Troubleshooting" but still have problems? And your webhost support could not help you either? Ask here.
No zip file received

there should be an email by gumroad with the files

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Created a website with Lay Theme? You can share it here.
Photography Portfolio

@arminunruh thank you Armin, only possible because of the fantastic Lay Theme 🙏

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Find a developer who can use HTML or JavaScript or CSS to customize your Website. This is just a place to connect people and we do not take responsibility and I do not offer support for any custom coding done for you. The developers here are not part of the team working on Lay Theme.

Responsive Image Carousel with fixed height

@ErEs said in Responsive Image Carousel with fixed height:

for my website i would like to have a responsive carousel with a fixed height (might as well be browser height), which does not change its height even if on smaller screensizes.

you can set a fixed pixel height

using a custom phone layout u can create another carousel with another fixed pixel height

"Give elements a max-width and max-height and center them" effect for single images

no :/

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