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Change background for a specific page.

Hi !
First of all, thank you for this wonderful theme, documentation, and videos. It's easy and broke my reluctance to code.

I'm pretty a newbie with html / css and I really tried to do it by myself but can't find why it's not working. I'm trying to add a background image for a specific page of my girlfriend's website.

This is the page I want to change:

In my CSS, I added, as you suggested on your tutorial, a class with background url:


Thank you for your help

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Thumbnail Overview?

Mh ye i understand what you are saying. So far I have only worked on this for project thumbnails. My new programming partner and me are now restructuring all the code of the gridder, so this will take some time :/

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Something is not working? Please provide a screenshot, your browser name and browser version and your operating system.
Moving Website Error Bug

Hi There,
I have followed the tutorial in documentation and I still getting some errors with the template.

Here is the original site http://alfa.jannovak.net and here is the production one www.jannovak.net.

When I check developer console I am getting this type of error:
alt text

Do you have any idea how to fix it?

Thank you,

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Did you follow the steps in "How to Install" and "Troubleshooting" but still have problems? And your webhost support could not help you either? Ask here.
Webfont not permitted for security reasons

I made a font (.otf) with a adobe illustrator extention and when I convert this font with the converter link from the lay theme to a .woff I can't use it on my website => not permitted for security reasons. how can I fix this problem?

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florianrougeron.com —

Hi @poupoutchak, nice site ;) How do you have integrated marquee text animate?


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