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Anchor Scroll Dekstop/Mobile

Dear @MaxWinter

There is a scroll to top button hiding on your page - is it possible to delete this first to make sure its not interfering?

Best wishes :)

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Got an idea for Lay Theme? I might include it in a new update or code an addon.
Non-sticky Footer Fullscreen Slider

Dear @Richard-K,

Thank you so much for taking a look, here’s the link:


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Something is not working? Please provide a screenshot, your browser name and browser version and your operating system.
Ninja Forms and Front End Posting

Having trouble myself sorry @ray
Also because Ninjaforms is a third party plugin i wont be able to devote much time to sorry - ( although i know many users have ninja forms... )


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Did you follow the steps in "How to Install" and "Troubleshooting" but still have problems? And your webhost support could not help you either? Ask here.
moving website failure

Oh thanks I hadn't seen this. Let me try the uploads and then I'll send some stuff over.

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Got a question about an Addon?
Using the Carousel with the arrows on keyboard

Dear Lukas @gala

This is possible and have both the Carousel Addon and Fullscreen Slider working with Arrow keys

It may come down to setting you have chosen? but hard to tell straight away -

Talk soon :)

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Created a website with Lay Theme? You can share it here.

wow great!!! <3

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Find a developer who can use HTML or JavaScript or CSS to customize your Website. This is just a place to connect people and we do not take responsibility and I do not offer support for any custom coding done for you. The developers here are not part of the team working on Lay Theme.

custom project thumbnail grid

Hi there, I need someone who is interested in coding a custom thumbnail grid and menu appearance for my website.
If you are interested please get in touch:

thank you,


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