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Carouseul Captions to the right of images

Hello !

It may not be easy but here's how I would like to change the carousel :

The images would be on the left of the screen, and the captions would be centered in the free space on the right. The images would be of different sizes so the captions have to adapt to the images width.

I managed to fix the images to the left, and to center the captions in the middle of the page. But the captions should be centered on the free space to the right of the images.

Do you know if it's doable in Javascript to do something like this :
First calculate the width :
Width of window - Width of carousel image = NewWidth
Then apply it :
NewWidth = Width of Captions

I guess it's not possible in CSS..
I hope it's understandable !

Thank you !

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Loading gif for html5 videos

Dear @strayorbit

Unfortunately this is not possible from the standard options provided,
However if you have have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS & JS you can fairly easily implement this onto your page through the "+ More - HTML" option within the Gridder -

Alternatively you can use "Custom CSS & HTML" in "Lay Options"

Adding a Video through Custom Code:

With this option you have much more flexibility over how you control the video along with options to add a loading Gif:


For more information regarding CSS:

Additionally when using Javascript we need to remember to load it into Lay Theme with a "Newpage Event" :


Also if using jQuery, to replace the shorthand symbol '$' to 'jQuery'

If this becomes too problematic you may wish to seek the aid of a developer.

I once again apologise that the option isn't as easy and that i cannot help further with Customisation,
however if you have any further questions please feel free to ask :)

Best Wishes and thank you for using Lay Theme


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Project Title: Space between Title and Image not changing

Dear Alex @nypaloto

Both the new Thumbnail and old Thumbnail share the same padding, but only one is being applied correctly,

Old Thumbnail:

New Thumbnail:

I will forward this to Armin as he may have better insight :)

Best wishes and have a wonderful day

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Mobile Menu top space top does not work

Dear @DasZitat

Am i correct if this is the desired result?

Please let me know if this code works:

nav.laynav.mobile-nav.active { padding-top: 45px !important; }


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Image Hover Addon not working properly.

Dear @sofia-v

I do apologise for the delay!
I want to follow up, Do you still have issues with the Link Modal?

Best wishes and have a wonderful day

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Illustrator showcase site

@Richard-Keith thanks — great to be able to get it out there 👍

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Need Custom Code for Image Hover Add-on

Dear Felix @FW

I hope you find the person you are looking for :)


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