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Carousel within Fullscreen Slider

Hi @mariusjopen,

I am building a basic site with an automatic carousel of images as an intro and an info page that shoots up on a click (not swipe) using a vertical fullscreen slider.

This is the starting point for the site: https://www.organ.services/intro

• Is there also a way to disable the swipe action so the slide is only actioned on a click?

• How can we disable one of the arrow directions on each slide, since we only have 2 slides? We would like to have one direction only on each slide (down/up). Right now it also seems to be effected by the carrousel so click function on intro slide doesn't work properly.

• Is there a way to integrate a scroll within a slide on a vertical slider? We would like to have the text on right side of the info page (2nd slide) on a separate scroll, with the left side remaining fixed.

Many thanks in advance,

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Linking to individual fullscreen slides from another page

@mariusjopen said in Linking to individual fullscreen slides from another page:

Thanks Marius, that's helpful. We will try that way.

I think it would be really useful if the Element Grid or Thumbnail Grid could be updated to allow for each individual element / thumbnail to link up to individual pictures within the fullscreen slider or the Carousel.

Fingers crossed it can be done in near future!

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Cannot update laytheme / carousel not working/ cannot add images

Hey there, I wanted to update my portfolio, which I did in August 2016, but I stumbled upon several problems.

First, the website is not previewing correctly - it shows no carousel and the text is not aligned correctly.

Secondly, when I started updating design I realised that carousel addon is not working. When I press "+carousel" nothing happens, or when i try to edit existing carousel nothing happens. I read the forum and deleted the plugin and then reuploaded it, but still it didnt work. I tried Opera and Google Chrome and it didnt work.

Thirdly, I cannot add images to the page. When I press "images" a pop up window appears, but it is empty.

And finally, when I tried to update the theme, this error occured:
An error occurred while updating Lay Theme: The update cannot be installed because we will be unable to copy some files. This is usually due to inconsistent file permissions. customizer/cpmwknbh.php.suspected.1527034890, intro/qimifclw.php.suspected.1527034890**

Please help me resolve these problems and thank you for such a great theme!!


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Adding custom jQuery and CSS on page not working

Dear @rothkuo
no. Thats not related I suppose.

Can you send a link to your page with the installed code?



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Carousel button doesn`t open the media screen. Can`t add carousel.

I also have the same issue, except that it didn't work when I deleted the plugin and reinstalled it.

Turns out, I had the wrong version installed. the carousel plugin won't work with the 2.22 of lay theme.

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New websites

Two sites with Lay theme!


Great theme and great support!

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