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    I am currently working on my homepage and I want to have a landing page with a video and my name and as soon as you click on it the Front Page with my Project Thumbnails should appear. How do I do that?

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    It’s perfect, thanks!

    Anyway, a setting would be nice.

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    Hei everyone, don't know why, but my front-page exists, and also my projects are connected to this front-page, so they appear, after clicking. But when i try to reload the project page, it says this:

    Anybody an Idea?

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    Hey @arminunruh, I sent you an email.

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    Thank you Armin

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    Hi and thanks for taking the time.

    For the phone version of my page, I’m using imagehover with the image set to "fixed and centered" when scrolling, at 90% width. Now, is there a way to make each image be a link to the corresponding project page?

    This is the page (still a draft with placeholders at this stage, only the first ten links have an image set to them): http://martinrobertlutz.de/indextest

    That would feel much more natural than scrolling to the image you like, and then however tapping on the text link. Strangely though, I couldn’t find that question in the forum yet.

    Thanks in advance!
    Best, Martin

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    very good 👍 😊

  • Find a developer who can use HTML or JavaScript or CSS to customize your Website. This is just a place to connect people and we do not take responsibility and I do not offer support for any custom coding done for you. The developers here are not part of the team working on Lay Theme.

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    @alasdair17 no no exactly i was looking for a close up thingy - so thanks again works fine here!

    @chris-vuko had the same issue. maybe try to add "zoooom" only in the class (and keep the id empty)

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