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Html5 Video - Full Screen Aspect Ratio

@mariusjopen said in Html5 Video - Full Screen Aspect Ratio:

.html5video video {
object-fit: contain;

That did it for me! Thank you :)

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Menu Navigation – Scroll to Anchor menu with Fullscreen Slider

Dear @tali
can you have a look here?

Let me know if that helped.



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Words disappear in website after hyperlinked

Hello @mariusjopen
Thanks for your response.
Unfortunately I haven't put my website online yet.
But no, my background is black and my text is white. I put 2 screenshots of a page of my website, one without hyperlinks and the other one with some names hyperlinked. They just disappear just like if they never existed. You can see the word "photography" going in the middle, centered just like if "Mateo Picard" was erased.

Thanks !

Matéo Picard.

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No customizer option possible, fatal error

Dear @JoeJoe

great! Happy to hear and thank you for letting us know!


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Lightbox in Mobile - I cannot see the images

Dear @tali
can you post a link to your website?

Thank you!


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herendiartemisio.ch – female graphic design studio based in Zurich

Dear @tizi
ah great! Really nice website! We also love the hover with the text and images.

Well done!


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