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    you need to activate this feature in lay options -> "custom phone layouts"

  • SVG Cursors Fix

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    I have a custom svg cursor with widght and height properties specified in mm. The custom cursor is inserted via url. In my custom CSS for this webpage i write this:

    div.lay-carousel-slide:nth-child(9) > div:nth-child(1) > a:nth-child(1) > img:nth-child(1):hover { filter: blur(6px); cursor: url( 11.34 11.34, auto; }

    (The code is actually a bit longer since I want this behaviour for every carousel element. Here I point only to the first carousel element.)

    When hovering the corresponding element, I get no cursor change. I get the intended behaviour here but with the same custom CSS.

    What could I be missing here?

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    Additional: It would be great if the texts visible in the old theme simply appeared in a basic text field in LayTheme. That would already help a lot. :-D

    All best

  • Lightbox not working

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  • jumping carousel

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    and when i go to a different page, the language switcher links to the correct translated page, not the frontpage

  • This topic is deleted!

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  • Customized menu (Info/Close)

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    insert your text into one row, that row needs to have browser height

  • Modifying Menu Elements on Hover

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    you'd need to use javascript to replace the text

    google "javascript replace text on mouseover"
    google "how to set a html class on a wordpress menu point"

    sorry this is more of a programming question and less of a lay theme issue, i got too many things to do atm to code this for you

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  • When will "sticky" become STICKY?

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    yea thats true

    .fixed{ position: fixed!important; top: 50px!important; width: 50%!important; left: 20%!important; z-index: 20!important; }

    you can play around with the width and left parameters to change the width and the space to the left

    you might want to remove the "fixed" class from your element, and add the "fixed" class to a row that contains only your text. right click an empty spot of the row, and choose "set html class and id"

    if the whole row gets fixed, it might still respect the column left and width of the gridder

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    When I open the tags in the backend, there is no possibility to create such a page for each tag. Did I miss something, or is there a reason why it doesn't exist?

    yea there's no such thing!

    mmh if you have a thumbnailgrid the url will reflect the category filter
    but it won't reflect your tag state

    i will write it down as an idea,

  • Can you embed a page?

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    can you try enabling:

    lay options → content filter

    at the bottom

    maybe then it could work

    why do you want to embed two pages?

  • Tags (next project and display of tags)

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    It works with the plugin Taxopress. There is an option for "Terms for Current Post", where you can get a shortcode, which you can put in every project. For me the Shortcode is [taxopress_postterms id="1"].

  • Maintenance/coming soon

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    HI @arminunruh !

    I set my custom "coming soon page" page as a frontpage via "customize".
    Then i put this css in "custom CSS" in lay option:
    .slug-coming-soon-page nav { display:none; }
    .slug-coming-soon-page .sitetitle { display:none; }

    Sitetitle and menu have disappeared but the navbar remain. How can I hide this header (the green bar in the screenshot) - only for this coming soon page?

    ![alt text](f78016d0-101f-4166-a2af-cbe2b8474d1a-image.png image url)

    .slug-coming-soon-page div.navbar {display:none;}

  • Adding color overlay on basic Images

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    so i mean, with images, you can't really have a text on top of them when you hover over an image :⁄ so im not sure if what u want is even possible :O

  • Different overlays for specific pages

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    the overlay settings are defined per-overlay,
    they are not defined depending on the page you're currently on

  • category filter for news

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    hey, you can achieve this quite well by utilising news categories, the expand/collapse row feature and creating separate news elements. I just figured it out earlier. Let me know if you need further help.

  • Overlay burger position

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    Thank you so much @arminunruh
    Is it possible to apply "move away when scrolling" behaviour to the overlay burger? I have this applied to the top bar and would love for the overlay burger to match. Tried looking this up through dev tools but couldn't figure it out 🙈 Thanks a lot again!

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