Hi guys.

I run a design studio. We are always on the look out for a lean and fast theme system that we can offer clients to help speed up development, reduce cost and still maintain design/brand flexibility.

We have tried countless well known themes but they are often so heavily packed and over engineered, so customising them sends you down a painful never-ending vortex. Their code is also littered with references to countless plugins, widgets and add ons that you can't disable.

Lay Theme appears to be quite solid and simple. It does offer a lot less features then other themes, but it's also more lightweight. What I would love to know is if any studios in a similar situation as us have been able to use Lay Theme o roll out a number of client sites, without finding it too limiting? If not, then what were the limits that have been problematic?

Our clients are companies like architects, interior and product designers, small organisations, galleries, and startups. All heavily design and brand focussed. They do not require deep or complicated sites with forums, user accounts, ecommerce etc, but they still need a degree of key features - like customisable templates, galleries, news, forms etc.

Any feedback is appreciate.