Hi there,

I'm currently designing a website where I would like to change the color of my navigation and other elements on my carousels but ONLY on the slides with videos (I'm only using HTML5 videos) – for lisibility purpose.

I've putted this code together (bellow) – which works fine when I'm only targeting (type == "project")… But when I want to target videos with the "is-selected" class nothing happens, not even console.log("fantastic!"); …

Do you think it is a problem of syntax?

Also, every elements targetted in the function have the new class added correctly as specified, except for the carousel buttons “flickity-prev-next-button”, nothing happens… It seems I cannot add a class to those elements with jQuery – do you know why? FYI, the "negative" class has a "filter:invert(1)" property.

Hope someone will be able to help me with this! :)


window.laytheme.on("newpageshown", function(layoutObj, type, obj) {
    if (type == "project" && jQuery(".lay-carousel-slide-html5video").hasClass("is-selected")){
         jQuery(".sitetitle img").addClass('negative');