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    Thanks a bunch guys!

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    hey @Richard-Keith
    any news? Or maybe suggestions how I could do a workaround to fix it?


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    Hey hey,

    after a round of updates, I've noticed a weird margin appeard in my phone/mobile layouts (desktop is fine) when using the Cover feature:

    Screenshot 2020-09-29 161635.jpg

    As far as I can tell, there's no custom CSS / or Plugin that would cause this. (And I can't figure out how to move it back via custom css)

    Screenshot 2020-09-29 161725.jpg
    (it should be centered)

    some curiosities:
    When I disable the cover completely on a project, the text is back where it should be.
    When I use the checkbox in the settings to disable the cover on mobile-layouts, the feature is disabled but the margin stays :D

    here's a link:

    Thanks in advance :)

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    Hey @anders,
    pretty cool website you've build! I'm trying something similar right now, but I'm struggling with the mobile navigation. Would you kindly push me in the right direction on how you managed to keep the "4-corner-navigiation" (don't know how else I should describe it :D) in the mobile version?


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