• a-macht

    Hey there!

    When I log in to the LayTheme Dashboard I see the little yellow banner which says: Update available.
    When I click on it, I get redirected to the Updates screen, telling me that everything is up to date.
    But actually nothing seems to happen and the little yellow banner with the update hint just reappears.

    Any ideas why?


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  • a-macht

    Dear Armin & Marius

    I'm having trouble with fonts. Almost every font I try to upload is not displaying correctly.
    I own the weblicense so that shouldn't be the problem.

    Upon further investigation, I found out that the browser (Safari or Chrome doesn't matter) is not allowed to display the font because it's 'insecure content'.

    0_1507026136251_Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-03 um 12.01.30.png

    Since I recently bought an ssl certificate for my website I'm guessing that the problem has something to do with http:// and https://

    Also: right now I'm using the font Moderat which seems to work. But on mobile it displays only on the http:// version and not the https://

    Not sure how to fix this. Can you help me?


    The plug-in Really Simple SSL seems to do the trick for me.
    Basically it forces my uploaded content to have https:// in the URL. I reinstalled all the fonts and now it works.
    I'm sure there is a 'cleaner' solution to achieve this but for the moment I'm happy.
    Sorry for bothering you!

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