• A Artman

    Lay Theme is super fun.

    We created our studio website with it.

    Thank you Armin! ♥

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  • A Artman

    Wow, thank you for the very fast response. That helped.

    You are great :)

    Greets, Chris

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  • A Artman

    Hey Armin,

    I have different background-colors for most of my projects. When I click on the project it feels like a little delay and then the background-color changes. But it´s to slow and cheesy.

    Is there an option for turning off the transition of the background-color? I already tried css, but it won´t work.

    The code I tried:

    .body {
    -webkit-transition: none !important;
    -moz-transition: none !important;
    -o-transition: none !important;
    -ms-transition: none !important;
    transition: none !important;

    I hope you have a better idea to solve this problem.

    Thx a lot,

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  • A Artman

    Hey Armin,
    sry for using german. I will never use it again.

    I just tried to add html-code to a text-box. I somehow managed to add a div where I possibly could add the two images into. But the design already changed, so I won´t try this any longer.

    Thanks for your feedback and your great work.

    greetz .. chris

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  • A Artman

    Hallo Armin,

    erstmal DANKE für das wunderbare Theme. Damit macht es echt Spaß rumzuexperimentieren.

    Zu meinem Problem: Ich möchte gerne die Layout-Funktionen vom gridder zusammen mit eigenem html-Code benutzen. Bisher habe ich versucht html-code in eineText-box zu schreiben, was aber nicht sehr erfolgreich war. Ich erhoffe mir daraus, dass ich zwei Bilder übereinander in einer gridder-Zeile einfügen kann.!

    Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-11 um 13.37.12.png

    Hast du eine Idee, oder einen Tipp für mich?

    Beste Grüße,

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