• B Bella

    @arminunruh & @Richard any news on solving this bug with the category translations? :) thanks!

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    Hello Richard,
    I was also looking for a Sold Out badge, but one that's more visible, directly on the product image for example.
    I have tried to use this plugin for it but unfortunately there were several problems with the placement on desktop and mobile and also the z-index ( I think?) that I couldn't solve.

    My questions are:

    • Can something like a simple "Sold Out" badge be included in future updates?
      A badge that shows both in the shop overview and the single product?

    For now:

    • How can I change the Lay Theme "out of stock" text to "sold out"?
    • How can I show this message in the single product when I have "show stock" disabled? I only want the stock to show if it's sold out, since it doesn't really make sense to have 1 in stock written on every product when it's original art.
      But I think hiding the stock also hides the sold out message in the single product.

    Or what would actually be ideal for the Single product view: Is there a way to change the "Add to Cart" Button to a "Sold Out" Button (in a different style of course)?
    I think that might be visually clearer.

    Thank you!

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  • B Bella

    @Richard ah that's clever, thank you very much!
    Could you please also get back to me about the other open questions? :)
    Thank you and have a nice day!

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    @Richard oh and sorry, for some reason I still can't upload screenshots (even though I resized them). But you can see what I mean when you go to this link (the german version of the blog) and then you click on "English", which should send you here (the english version of the blog) but instead what's happening is that it redirects you back to the front page.

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    @Richard No, I'm using only lay theme for this. I'm adding a category (blog/journal) where I'll put the "blog posts" (projects) as image links.

    I've added the category (blog/journal) to the menu (but it's also the same with an individual link added to the menu, that happens to be a category). When the category is opened and one wants to change the language via the language switcher, the category page redirects to the front page, not the translated category page.
    Since the language switcher option works on everything else with lay theme (pages, projects, menu points that are not categories) it looks to me like there might just be missing some code that connects the category languages?

    Since this can't be solved with adding an individual menu link, because the problem seems to be with the "category" type, it seems to me like it would have to be solved with code to lay theme.

    The translations of the categories are present in the backend. Just the switching between the languages doesn't work on the live page.

    Please help, thank you!

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  • B Bella

    @Richard said in Image hover on images:

    Hey Richard, thanks for the link. I might try it, but the thing is that this would be great for all images/product shots. For now the first collection I'd like to use this for "only" has nine photos where it might still make sense to code the image hover for each image individually. But the next collection that's already finished has 45 pieces and I think at some point this it will be too timeconsuming to add the custom code for each individual image.

    It would be really fantastic if with future updates the image hover could be extended to images (which I actually thought it was for, to be honest 😬 ).

    It would also be great for the Woocommerce product images, but I understand that that's probably more complicated to achieve. So maybe adding an image hover option that works with "regular" images (not products images) would be an option to start with? :)

    Thank you!

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  • B Bella

    @Richard yes, it's still an issue because I still would like my logo to be in the center of the page with the menu points split left and right.
    This was just a design for now, until I know how to do this.
    So if that's at all possible, I'd love to know how to do it!
    Thanks so much and have a nice day!

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    Hey @richard & @arminunruh !

    I'm using polylang pro on my site and so far it has worked without a problem.
    But now I've started using the categories for a blog type thing and I've noticed that the language switcher doesn't work on the categories.
    It works on pages and projects but on the category overview (though linked in the backend) when clicking on the other language it redirects to the front page, not the translation.
    Here's the link:

    Would be great if this could be fixed!

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    Hey Richard,
    is there a way to use the image hover on other images? Or at least on linked images?
    I know that linked product thumbnails can't change but I thought I'd work around this by manually adding an image that links to the product. But I'd like for a second image of the product to be shown on hovering over the first image. Tried to get this done with css but couldn't get it to work.

    It would be fantastic if the Image Hover addon would also work on images!
    Like here for example:

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