• B bryanchu

    I understand not being a top search but when I search for specific keywords or projects nothing comes up. None of my project pages are visible on google.

    For example searching for "" yields no results but that is a direct link to a project on my site.

    I'm just wondering if its something I did differently on my site because friends who have also created portfolio sites the same time as mine do not have this problem. When I search for their specific links on google they do appear.

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  • B bryanchu

    Hey Armin,

    I seem to be having a problem with google search results. Searching for my site ( only leads to my home page and about but none of my projects show up. Also searching for specific pages/projects on my site turn up no results. No images show up on Google images as well.

    I feel like when I first finished the site it worked fine in google searches and this just started recently.

    Let me know if there is a fix!


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