• edgrbnz

    Hi there,

    I'm a wee bit confused on how to go about this:
    I installed LayTheme on my Webserver in a new folder and pointed a Subdomain to where the Site is. Now I'm pretty much done to release the site on the official TLD but don’t know if just pointing my old domain into the Subfolder will work, since wordpress already has all the permalinks with the subdomain in the backend.

    What’s the best way to go about this?
    All I essentially want to do is redirect the links in the current website to another domain. I don’t want/need to move the installation or something.

    Any help is very much appreciated!

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  • edgrbnz

    Yes the site works without a problem.

    Everytime I create an new, empty page or edit and save the menu the above mentioned division zero warning shows up. It seems to be related with the recently added search feature.

    But the site works…

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  • edgrbnz


    Most of these seem to be backend stuff. Perhaps @mariusjopen or @arminunruh can help with this. But here are some suggestions / directions to (perhaps) solve things with the given features:

    • You could easily make the “you might also like” slide with an element-grid and a regular headline. Just place the images you’d like in the element grid and link them to the respective project-pages.
      It‘s a bit of a manual approach but there’s no real featue for that in Lay-Theme (yet?)
    • The fullscreen video control would be some staright forward CSS stuff (I think) is there a link to look at the site in question?
    • Afaik there’s no autoplay by now for the fullscreen slider. The Auto-Scrolling in the options references to the effect of scrolling viewport per viewport. You can have a look over here to get a grip of the functions the slider is able to do.
    • You could just use the categories or tags function and use new and hot as categories / tags. I’m sure there is a way to then mark the projects in given categories via Custum-CSS after that.

    I myself am no CSS / Code Dude. The things above are just a few hints how I believe your desired custumizations could perhaps be accomplished.

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  • edgrbnz

    Sent via Chat!

    Thanks in advance!

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  • edgrbnz

    Hello there!
    I'm getting the following error on a recent setup of laytheme:

    Warning: Division by zero in /kunden/574266_38100/Imeracon19/wp-content/themes/lay/search/search.php on line 57

    Did I do anything wrong with the installation or is this a bug with the newly added search engine?

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  • edgrbnz

    With dynamic tags I just was thinking about a way to integrate above mentioned functionality. If there would be a “current project” tag it would perhaps be easy to integrate that function into the Thumbnail Grid. Just an idea…

    Do you think that this will come as a feature?
    I don’t know much about jQuery tbh… can you lead me in a direction on how to integrate that into lay?

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  • edgrbnz


    the thing is you are placing images with different aspect ratios in a grid. They will always scale propotionally in the gridder.

    If you want stuff to really look a certain way I’d recommend you play around with a layout software first. (sketch is pretty cool but anything works that enables you to use layout-grids)
    That’s the easiest way to determine the desired aspect ratios and to prepare all your assets perfectly for the planned layout of your site.

    Although it’s possible to do layouts in lay theme I’d recommend to do it the way I described above – Makes things way easier.

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  • edgrbnz

    Hey there Marius & Armin,

    I was thinking about integrating a Thumbnail grid in the footer for projects the weird part would be that the currently active project would of course also be shown.

    Since there’s a new feature now with the tags I was wondering if there might be some kind of dynamic tags in the future to exclude currently active projects from a thumbnail grid.

    Cheers & All the best!

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  • edgrbnz

    Hey there Lay-Team,

    I currently am struggling a bit with the available options for the Project Thumbnail Mouseover.
    My whole page works with an off-black background (image!) and a lot of the images have the same background color to make them seem to be free floating. The problem with the current options is, that they all change the background color of my image when hovered:

    • Change Brightness: makes the whole thumbnail darker which in my case reveals a border I don’t want to be shown.
    • Show Background Color: shows a background color, which (depending on the browser) also reveals a border for a short time depending on the color settings of the used monitor.


    I'd love to have a third option like:

    • Change Opacity: which simply controls and animates the opacity for the Project Thumbnails.

    Or a way to set the Background Color in Show Background Color to transparent. I hope that makes sense!

    Cheers & Thank you!

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