• edgrbnz

    I guess it could also be the browser or OS correcting these things.
    Wordpress didn’t correct any of my texts and I’m also using Favorit on my Site.

    If you want to make sure everything is as typed you could prepare your text in a texeditor like AI Writer or similar and then copy paste them (w/o formats!!) into the html / code view of wordpress.

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    I just added

    html {
      scroll-behavior: smooth;

    which does the trick. But it doesn’t get recognized by laytheme’s Custom CSS section to be valid code. It says: Unknown property: scroll-behavior. It works!

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    Hi everyone,

    I’m right now helping out a colleague with his one page layout in LayTheme. He loves it!

    Since it’s a one-pager he wanted to have a “about” in the menu and make that scroll down to the section with the respective anchor.
    We already setup everything following this topic:

    So it’s all working now when the user visits http://tldomain.com#about the site loads and then smoothly scrolls down to the anchor. But when the user is on the front page and clicks on the about link in the menu the hole page just snaps to the anchor point w/o any smooth sroll transition.

        window.laytheme.on('newpageshown', function(){
           if(window.location.hash.length > 0){
               var id = window.location.hash;
               if(jQuery(id).length > 0){
                    jQuery('html, body').animate(
                    { scrollTop: jQuery(id).offset().top },
                    { duration: 1200 });

    I'm sorry if this has been solved already somewhere in the forum. I was unable to find a good solution, though.

    Any help is very much appreciated!

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    I hope this makes sense in any way…

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    I would love to have an Option in Text Formats to define Typography with dynamic values – I know it’s there already but with additional Viewports (like Tablet Upright and Laaarge Screen) this would make the adaption to screen sizes way easier:
    Large Screens get large type¹ and small Screens get smaller type² to fit the screen. This way anything that’s text related can be better optimized for legibility and character count per line and, and, and,…

    An option to optimize mobile styles separately would still be cool though!

    I'm missing an option to use a different weight for mobile devices. Because of the higher resolution (300dpi and beyond) of these screens and the mostly smaller text sizes light fonts (which look good at decent sizes on desktop) tend to be too delicate on mobile devices.

    I know all of this can be achieved via CSS but I'd much more prefer an integration into the Text Formats section of Lay Theme.

    Would be super cool!

    ¹ The text boxes get wider as the viewport gets wider which makes them very hard to read at one point (If Text Formats are defined in px). This can of course be controlled via custom CSS and max-width but then larger screens have veeery much whitespace which may not always be desired. An additional breakpoint (somewhere around 1920px+) could fix this for Text Formats defined in px.

    ² Right now the Control via % renders texts very small on tablets held in portrait orientation. So it would be cool to have a breakpoint there to make these texts bigger again (either via px or %).

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  • edgrbnz

    Clean and cool! ❤️

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  • edgrbnz

    I'm a wee bit unsure what you are trying to achive… but you can activate Video Thumbnails in Lay Options:


    Then you can add each project to a row in the Gridder. Set it to Use Browser Height for Row Height and you should be good to go with a video instead of a picture for each project.
    Make sure you activated the Fullscreen Slider plugin and activated it for the pages you want it to work its magic (Review Settings in Lay Options / Fullscreen Slider Addon):


    If that doesn’t seem to work you might need to activate the autoplay for videos in
    Customizer / Project Thumbnails / Project Thumbnail Mouseover:


    Does this help?
    If «No!» could you make a quick sketch / visualize what you are trying to achive?

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  • edgrbnz

    I think Marius meant deactivate here.

    If I click one of your projects I see the URL change. When I refresh the page the URL is working and one can see the project.

    It seems like something is blocking lay from reloading the page contents. Since it’s a single page application that can easily be done by any plugin that hacks into the url scheme.

    Are you using YOAST or any similar SEO Plugin? These things are messy,…

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  • edgrbnz

    Just add a link with either #layprevproject or #laynextproject on an element (text, image).
    You could also setup a footer that utilises the tags mentioned above and add that footer to your projects → you can do so in the Lay Options / Footers.

    Hope that helps!

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  • edgrbnz

    Hi Hayo,

    I tested it again. Since you are experiencing that issue and since it looks like you’re using chrome on your iPad (I’m guessing that ’cause of your screenshots…) It seems to be related to the browser not interpreting the movement / viewport change of the tablet right.

    I tested it with Safari and it works just fine.

    I'm guessing it's a chrome bug (?)

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  • edgrbnz

    Afaik that is not really possible right now. You might be able to do it via CSS / Code though. Ideally this last section is the footer and you could fetch the project description via CSS, Shortcode or similar.

    For now I’d suggest to setup one project with the desired last 100vh section. Put anything in there you need (includig the footer contents), duplicate said project and adjust the layout for all the other projects you have in mind.

    But perhaps @mariusjopen has a cleaner, code based solution on offer for the first option?

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  • edgrbnz

    Well yes and no.

    If you setup wordpress to run in that subfolder and wordpress knows that its URL is 'https://maschinenraum.hs-augsburg.de/2019' then everything should be fine.

    But it looks like that you setup that subdomain afterwards, am I right?

    If so you might need to migrate the Database (with the new URL) and tell Wordpress what its URL is. For the database it’s best to follow Armin’s instructions over here.
    To tell wordpress its new URL you could add the following entries to your wp-config:

    define( 'WP_HOME', 'https://your-wordpress-URL' );
    define( 'WP_SITEURL', 'https://your-wordpress-URL' );

    Or you can do that in the backend under Settings / General.

    But please be sure to follow Armins moving a laytheme tutorial if any of the above applies to your situation.

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  • edgrbnz

    I guess so…

    You could try as follows:
    Define some classes with the desired changes in Lay Options / Custom CSS & HTML and then add these classes in Appearance / Menus via span tags.


    Dunno if that works but it should.

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  • edgrbnz

    looks like either you have a custom phone layout activated that is just “stack elements on top of e.o.” or you just may need to review the settings of the thumnail grid in question. The intial setting is that there’s only one row in the mobile settings of the grid.

    If you need / want more you can set it in the grid (not in customize):


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  • edgrbnz

    @Hayo-Gebauer Glad to help!

    Logos aren’t for everyone and sometimes they are a cheesy decision imho – But your name at the top would be totally sufficient.

    Something like this:


    Or this:


    Would be totally sufficient and would blend in well with the overall esthetic of your site. This would be a common behaviour for a back to start, too.

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  • edgrbnz

    That was just me → user error!

    I didn’t really migrate the database, because I thought moving from a sub to the TLD with my Site shouldn’t be a big issue as long as Wordpress knows (via wp-config.php) what it’s URL shall be.

    Well that worked but somethings just didn’t (like the editor mentioned above). So WP-Migrate DB did the trick here. All seems to be working now.

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  • edgrbnz

    Hey @mariusjopen & @arminunruh

    Since I moved my lay theme website to a new URL (aka. went live) I’m experiencing a weird thing in the editor:


    Although the fonts are installed and the text-formats are all there they don’t get rendered in the editor. It’s totally possible to select the text-formats in the dropdown, but they don’t show up in the applied text:


    Although this happens all the fonts and formats render perfectly fine after hitting “ok” in the editor and view them in the gridder and everything looks fine in the front end → So the classes are obviously working and the fonts are there.

    Any help is very much appreciated!

    this is what chrome shows under the computed section:

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  • edgrbnz

    I guess you don’t want the mobile Version to show up at 768px screen width, right?

    You can just tweak the Phone Breakpoint in the Lay Options. If you set it lower than 768px the phone Version will not be rendered on an iPad Mini (or tablet with a similar screen width):

    One minor UX tip:
    When one dives into any of your projects the user might feel kinda lost. There’s no link/logo/thing in the header area to go back to frontpage (as expected).
    Since you added a Frontpage link in the info section I pressume you may have done that on purpose but it kinda feels weird/lost inside the projects.

    Nonetheless: Clean and cool site!

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  • edgrbnz

    Hi Paul,

    well,… I’ve been using Lay myself and see it as a very flexible theme – I never was a fan of themes really – Custom code always seemed like a better solution.
    Lay Theme fixed that for me because it’s so flexible and not stuck with a website-genre. Of course you may need to write some code if you have something special in mind. But since you are then writing code for a special idea it keeps things lean and doesn’t bloat the backend with features no one ever really needs and makes the frontend super slow because of that.

    I see this forum more like a workgroup. A place to ask a question and describe your idea and get some hints in the right directions. The community here is very friendly and nice. Marius and Armin are doing their very best to answer any question.

    If you had something very particular in mind and weren’t able to accomplish that with lay and the help of this forum the possibility that you should have settled with another theme or service is pretty high. (and there are dozens out there)

    I’m in no way affiliated with laytheme – I’m just a happy customer and one of the guys who uses this forum on a regular basis trying to help, learn and keep the positive vibes here.

    Please don’t just hate! The internet is filled to the brim with bitter people just bashing and hating things. Be nice and tell us what exactly went wrong, what it is you want to achive and I’m sure you will get the help you need and deserve.


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