• K katrinkrumm

    Ah yes danke @mariusjopen! I had the custom phone layout option in the LayTheme Options deactivated lol. THANKS FOR THE PATIENCE <3

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  • K katrinkrumm

    Hi @mariusjopen
    thanks for replying! do you mean in the customizer? i don't know anywhere else where i can change the top distance for mobile.

    if you mean the customizer -> as you can see in the screenshot above, the space top is still active on the mobile version

    i try to describe my question in another way: i only have 4 sites where i don't want the space top & those four sites have full-screen headers:

    so i probably need a "css for mobile code" which kind of says: "when full-screen header is active don't use space top"
    it should be an exception, right?

    or alternatively: i would need a css code which said "ignore the space top value for mobile version but use the specific gridder values from the sites"

    thanks again for helping!

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  • K katrinkrumm


    I've got a question concerning the mobile spaces vs the "set frame". I'm outlining my problem first and then i'm gonna show an example: I like working with the Gridder possibilities and I've set different top spaces for the desktop version via "Set frame" for multiple sites. Some sites have a browser-height image as a starter with 0% top space, others have 15% top space:



    The mobile version, however, just lets me chose one possible top frame value:

    -> This results in overwriting the spaces I have set via the gridder in the desktop version. I get that this is a useful tool, however I don't see a possibility right now where I can kind of "keep the spaces I've set in the gridder version"?

    -> Website:

    Hope my explanation is understandable :) & sorry if my thinking about the problem might seem a lil dumb. I'd be happy about tipps! thanks in advance <3

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  • K katrinkrumm

    i got the tip to use the "important" command/tag(?) and now it works again perfectly :)

    the snippet looks like this now:

    Bildschirmfoto 2020-04-26 um 20.27.01.png

    hope that helps others too

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  • K katrinkrumm

    helloo! after doing some research and not finding similar problems, i'm asking for help concerning the order of the nav menu points in the sub-menu bar.

    -> to have them stacked on top of each other (vertically) i've once copied a custom css from here actually (can't remember the thread tho). now, after the update, it doesn't seem to work anymore tho (also, i'm not even able to see if theres any info concerning the alignment in the css at all im so sorry lol). am i missing some info in the css? or is there any other way to t e l l the submenu how it should align? so sorry for the dumb question

    enclosed, you'll see my problem (sub-menu points horizontally besides each other instead of below each other) and the custom css i've added

    thanks in advance for reading this!

    Bildschirmfoto 2020-04-24 um 12.41.15.png Bildschirmfoto 2020-04-24 um 12.40.53.png

    btw the website is this one:

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