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    Hey Armin, thanks for your theme!
    We purchased the "Pro License Key* with the mail address sebastian@mrpataki.com
    but the key didn't work. But that should not be our problem.

    Everything works but the main content on the page (text and images) is only visible
    to logged in users. For example here should be an image and some text:

    We checked the following:

    • re-set permalinks (screenshot attached)
    • try another theme (the images worked there)
    • re-installed wordpress (Version 4.7.4) & laytheme (Version: 2.1.5)
    • activated and deactivated various plugins (carousel etc)
    • checked various browsers (firefox, chrome, internet explorer)

    Any idea?


    Chrome logged in: (image/text is visible)

    Internet explorer not logged in:


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