• K kimberlyxx

    Hey Richard,

    thank you for your answer!
    The thing is, other custom js are triggered totally normal :/
    I will put a console log in the function, so you can see what I mean :)

    Issue: The click function is only triggered once and not everytime a data-type="project" is getting clicked.

    Achieve: On project thumbnail click, scroll to top.

    How it is now: when you scroll down the landing page (project overview) and click on one project, the scrollbar stays at the same position and doesnt automatically scroll to the top.

    thank you so much!

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  • K kimberlyxx

    Hey :)
    On my landing page i add my projects as project thumbs and I noticed when I click on them it doesn't scroll up to the top again and kind of stays at the scroll position i was at before.
    I tried to add a click event on the "data-type=project" in order to then set a jQuery(window).scrollTop(0);. But If I add the function (in the lay html&css option inside the head script), the console log for my click event fires once and when i go back to the main page i get a "error loading page" message and the javascript is not getting triggered anymore.

    Do you guys have any idea whats happening or a different way how I could achive it?


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  • K kimberlyxx

    hey guys,
    when i want to upload a video to my grid, even though the video and thumbnail ratio is the same ratio and both landscape, like 3/4, it automatically crops it. I added some screenshots, in case you guys see something right away that I'm might doing wrong :(


    Screenshot 2021-01-19 at 00.19.42.png Screenshot 2021-01-19 at 00.19.48.png

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  • K kimberlyxx

    the marquee is set to direction="left" but at some point it automatically changes to right, and i can't figure out why :(
    i tried adding the loop property in the hope that it will solve it, but didnt do the trick unfortunately.
    Do you guys by any chance know how to solve it?

    this is the snippet we use:
    <marquee direction="left" behavior="alternate" loop="true" style="color: black;font-size:13px;font-family: Open Sans;font-weight: 600;">
    looooong ass text

    thankuu :)

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