• L laurensuyin

    @Richard-Keith Hello! Sorry - I didn't get a notification with your reply so have only just seen it!

    This is strange... so it loads both thumbnails and titles straight away?

    What happens for me is I click onto 'Projects' from the mobile menu.... and the screen just loads white. Doesn't load anything else. When I press refresh on the Projects page, they then all load up.

    I had someone I know notify me that the same thing was happening for them...

    Any ideas, maybe this is a plugin issue?


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  • L laurensuyin


    I'm having trouble with the way that my Project Thumbnails page loads on mobile.

    I can only manage to get the project thumbnails to load, if I press refresh on my phone... then titles and images slowly start showing up.

    Does anyone have any ideas why it might be doing this? I have run the plugin called Smush on my site to reduce unneccesarily large image sizes and dims etc. But still having the same issue, only on mobile...


    This is what the page looks like when I click 'Projects' via mobile menu from my front page -

    Then it loads relatively quickly once I've pressed refresh -


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