• L laut

    I'm working on an online-shop for my website ->
    Ecwid seems to work almost perfectly: I add on a page a buy button and all works fine.
    The only issue i'm having is as soon as i go from the shop page to a product-page and from there back again by clicking the previous-page-button: The same page reloads again without going back to the main shop-page.
    I already got in touch with the ecwid-support. Unfortunately they couldn't solve the problem.

    This was their last message:
    "My colleagues who developed the Ecwid plugin for WordPress have checked the website and they informed me that at the moment there are no errors in the Google Dev Tools Console that are caused by Ecwid plugin. (Note: keep the setting ecwid_ajax_defer_rendering off) However, they found another problem - when one clicks "back" from the product page they end up on the same product page. They say that the reason for that is the fact that the redirect to a product page is initiated by a script of the website theme: (for the record: i updated the lay theme since this message)


    So it looks like the theme processes the redirects from one page to another and "back" clicks. Therefore, this issue is not related to Ecwid. Please, check the website theme settings or reach out to the web designer who created the theme."

    That's all i can tell for now. Do you know how to solve this problem?

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  • L laut

    Hi Marius and thanks for your reply!

    The editor issue doesn't seem to be occurring anymore, nice!

    As for the custom css, I can also see it in the source-code, but it doesn't display anymore in the desktop version: The said icons are not showing in the desktop version anymore, without having changed any thing there.
    In the mobile version, they are still there (see screenshot):

    0_1527853428954_Bildschirmfoto 2018-06-01 um 13.37.34.png

    Any idea why this could suddenly be happening? Thanks again for your help.

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  • L laut

    Hi Marius, thanks for your reply! Yes, everything was updated – email is sent!
    Best, Till

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  • L laut


    I could 'handle' the issue by deleting and reposting every single project in the editor. Still I think there must be something wrong with the editor, as the projects are no longer highlighted with a frame when clicking and dragging them and some are shaking indefinitely.

    Also, some of my custom css suddenly doesn't work anymore – also only on the desktop version and no matter if using chrome, firefox or safari.

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  • L laut

    Hi Armin and everyone!

    After I put a new project on my website today, about half of my project thumbnails do not appear anymore on my homepage (problem occurs only on the desktop).
    This happens in Chrome as well as Safari and on different computers.

    In my editor and on the phone everything looks fine.

    Please see the screenshots below that illustrate the problem. Any ideas? A quick help is much appreciated!


    Thank you und bis bald.

    0_1527284344261_Bildschirmfoto 2018-05-25 um 23.30.29.png 0_1527284348752_Bildschirmfoto 2018-05-25 um 23.31.41.png

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  • L laut

    Hi Armin!

    Hope you are spending a nice summer.

    I was wondering if I could have a row background color fading in when scrolling to a specific row? I'm not that familiar with javascript :)

    I also can't seem to find a way to insert any .png or .gif files with transparent background, so that the row background color is shown behind the transparent parts of the images. Am I missing something here?

    See an example here.

    Thanks for your help!

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  • L laut

    Hi Armin! Thanks again for all you great updates…
    Though after the last update there are unwanted spaces between my mobile menu points now. I deactivated my custom CSS to see if I can find the error, but it still does the same. Can you help me please?
    I also tried to use my desktop menu for the mobile version (which I think would be great), but when I try to center it, it won't fit into one row, even though it seems to be small enough. Could you think of any reason?

    Thanks for your help and best

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  • L laut


    Just updated to 2.0.6. and had a similar issue… With the extra css it worked again so thank you for helping!

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  • L laut

    @arminunruh Well thank you a lot for your solutions for now!
    If it wasn't that big of a thing to create an option for "showing mouseover state on click" I'd still appreciate it a lot, since to me it seems a bit inconsequent to change the mouseover opacity on different devices. But thanks again for all your help – great service.

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  • L laut

    Hey Armin, thanks for your answer.

    – As for the image loading problem, it loaded again when I disabled all plugins…

    – These mouseover settings were what I was referring to, but maybe I picket the wrong words:
    I have set them like the image above. But because my mouseover state is a 100% colour (which I'd like to keep), the thumbnail – of course – disappears completely already when just scrolling up and down. This makes it kind of annoying for the user cause he doesn't see the project anymore. So I was wondering if it would be possible to only activate mouseover state at the first "click" (thats what I meant with "tap") but not when scrolling.
    Or even better to deactivate mouseover state for mobile completely, like "never show mouseover state".

    – In addition to that, since a few days the project titles have been placed over the images permanently in the mobile view on my portfolio site, which shouldn't be and seemed like a bug to me… Any idea why this happens?

    Big thanks again for your help.


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