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    Thank you!
    It worked perfectly... That's great.
    Really quick too, amazing. Thank's again for the great work.

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    Hi Armin,
    thank you for your answer!

    that is actually quite a huge backwards compatibility problem for us, we are using the theme for structuring radio events and shows in a quite complex structure, now basically the whole structure needs to be changed / re-thought or the theme changed (with a complete re-design) 0.0
    the home page/events-page is one main category, the "events" are projects, and all have also multiple categories determined by the shows, playing in that event. Example of a show: – as you see this gives us almost a little CMS, functionality. This is all gone without multiple categories :(

    Do you think it's possible to re-activate in some way the multiple categories functionality?
    Like: "if the project arrows are not active".
    That would be great!

    thank you very much for your amazing work, ciaociao!

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    Hello Armin,

    just noticed that from my last updates, when editing a project I can select only one category instead of the standard multiple options. Basically instead of a select option it is a radio button now.
    Schermata 2015-10-25 alle 20.26.17.png
    I don't know if it's a Lay Theme bug or something else, had to ask to check what it might be...
    All Plug Ins are deactivated.

    Thanks for your feedback!
    ciao, Matteo

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