• R robochicken

    Hey there!

    I got a problem with the plugin "mailpoet" that I want to use for my newsletter. The curious thing is, that it is just working fine of one of my pages and it does not on the other.

    The trouble for now is, that the standard confirmationen pages etc. are not working.


    Not working

    Does anybody have a clue where to investigate? I already tried reinstalling, that did nothing, I ran the troubleshooter, without laytheme the plugin is working fine and displaying the pages as intended.

    I am also happy for recommendations which Newsletter tools work perfect with laytheme and maybe just change the tool.

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  • R robochicken

    Thank you big time for the thorough feedback.

    That did exactly what I wanted and I learned a valuable lesson :)

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  • R robochicken

    Hey Laytheme Community,

    I feel kinda stupid about this, but somehow it seems i miss something really essential here. I searched the forums for a solution but couldnt find it yet.

    I want to give a textframe a black background.

    From my understanding, I would give a text frame a CSS class and adjust the background color using that class.

    However, if I apply the custom CSS class it doesnt seem to do anything. Using the inspector, I also cannot see the CSS class.

    What am I doing wrong here? I am pretty sure the CSS class name should be unique.

    Find the Testpage here:

    Thanks in advance for any hints and sorry for the superbasic problem.

    Screenshot 2022-03-09 at 22.25.02.png

    Screenshot 2022-03-09 at 22.25.10.png

    Screenshot 2022-03-09 at 22.25.39.png

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  • R robochicken

    Thank you for the Feedback Richard! I ll keep an eye out for the next updates then!

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  • R robochicken

    Hello Lay Community and happy new years to everyone!

    First of all, I gotta say how much I love laytheme. Coming from Indesign etc. it is the perfect tool for me and so far I could get most of the things that I wanted to do to work.

    Now I've run into an issue I cant solve myself.

    What I am trying to do is to have an image aligned to the bottom of my page while using the full screen slider.

    However, I cant manage to have it flush with the button. When I try to use offset or something, the image is just cut of and I have this border on the button which pretty much takes away the effect I am trying to achieve.

    I tried everything I could find with the frame boarder, distance to bottom etc. The issue seems to be related to the Full Screen Slider maybe?

    website is located at:

    I am using an iPhone 11 with Safari to evaluate right now.

    Here are some screenshots to illustrate my problem.
    (I got an animated background on the page to explain the changes)

    How it looks right now:

    How it looks when I use the offset:

    And this is how I would like it to look, I turned full screen slider off for this one but I wanna use it to have the page scroll horizontally:

    I might add that I only have very, very basic CSS etc. understanding.

    Does anybody have an idea how to fix this?

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  • R robochicken

    so i cleared the lazy image placeholder color and voilá: issue solved.

    so it wasnt an issue with the SVG really but some weird behaviour with the lazy load.

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  • R robochicken

    ok so i found out that the color is related to the "lazy load placeholder" color i can select in the layoptions.

    the issues also persists with png

    however, it just keeps the color and appearently never finishes loading.

    is this a proper bug or what is happening?

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  • R robochicken

    hi there,

    thanks for the reply.

    i see what you are saying there, but i doubt thats the reason tbh.

    i ve put in another graphic, which could hardly be too complex and i have exactly the same issue.

    also... why does it work fine as a background image? thats the thing that make the least sense to me.

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