• S stefano


    I have my webspace on bluehost and I just added a subdomain there.

    Now I'm not really sure how I can add pages, projects and categories to that subdomain.
    Is that possible?

    Thanks for any help.



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  • S stefano


    I was just wondering if it possible to somehow define the space around the images in the Lightbox Addon in percent instead of pixel.

    At the moment I'm using 'Space Around Image: 140 px ' but I'm not happy with the result.
    On a 15'' Mac the images are too small and on a 27'' Mac they appear too big. And I'd rather not compromise.

    I visualized the two viewports in the attached images.


    Are you planning on adding a function to define the space in %?
    Or might there be a small code bit that I could add to the 'Custom CSS & HTML' that you could share with me?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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  • S stefano

    Hello everyone

    I’m considering buying the Lightbox Addon. Beforehand I wanted to clarify some functions.

    Is it possible to have the curser behave like on this squarespace template?
    So having the curser in the middle of the enlarged picture would close the Lightbox and get you back to the thumbnail overview.

    Is it possible to change the transition speed. I’d like to have it slower like in this example:

    I was also wondering if it’s possible to have the navigation visible without having to set the Lightbox Addon to transparent.
    So the goal would be to see the navigation and the enlargeg image, but not the thumbnail overview in the back. You can see what I mean on both mentioned websites.

    Thanks for any feedback to my questions.

    Best Regards

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