• S suzyy

    Would love this feature. There are a lot of possibilities for page construction with this option.

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  • S suzyy

    @aarondawkins said in Custom burger colour change on page?:

    Hey @suzyy thank you, but I'm sorry this doesn't work. Maybe if take a look at the site you will get a clearer idea.

    This is the page that needs a white burger on mobile: - just so you know the burger is custom.

    @mariusjopen @arminunruh a little help here? :)

    Thank you.

    would've been helpful at the start, as richard stated you've uploaded an .SVG for the hamburger so my code won't work (it was made for the default).

    try this in your custom javascript:

    document.querySelector(".slug-library .burger-inner img").src = "url of white hamburger svg file here";

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  • S suzyy

    put this in your CSS (you have to put the appropriate page slug where it says PAGETITLEHERE)

    .slug-PAGETITLEHERE .burger-default span, .slug-PAGETITLEHERE .burger-default span:before, .slug-PAGETITLEHERE .burger-default span:after {
    background-color: #HEX;

    Figure out the slug/page title of the page (right click inspect element and view the slug attached to the <body> tag like slug-home slug-about etc.)

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  • S suzyy


    No need for CSS, just go to Customize > Mobile (Smartphone) > Mobile Menu Icons > then set your burger icon color


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  • S suzyy

    hi! right now, project arrow thumbnails are limited to 512px in width. is there a way to change this ? i went to frontend > assets > js > and found this part of the code:

    {if(void 0!==e){var n='<img src="'+e.thumb._512+'" id="thumb1" alt="">';
    te.$pa_next.html('<div class="pa-thumb-wrap" style="padding-bottom:'+100*e.thumbar+'%;">'+n+"</div>")}
    if(void 0!==t){var o='<img src="'+t.thumb._512+'" id="thumb2" alt="">';
    te.$pa_prev.html('<div class="pa-thumb-wrap" style="padding-bottom:'+100*t.thumbar+'%;">'+o+"</div>")}

    i tried replacing the _512 part with _1024, _1280, and even _1920 but it just returns undefined..

    thanks in advance !

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