• T travelingrabbit

    Hi Forum

    I would like to link a thumbnail to an external website where the project is presented. The reason I was thinking of doing this with a thumbnail was to keep the hover look the same as on the other regular project posts. How can I do that. Thanks so much for your imput, best

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  • T travelingrabbit

    Hi Marius
    I updated my theme yesterday while working on my website. Now I can't modify my pages, categories and projects anymore.
    I don't know if the problem is coming from Laytheme or Wordpress which I also updated. Can you help me out? Many thanks best Sarah
    0_1551426890087_Capture d'écran 2019-03-01 08.51.30.png

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  • T travelingrabbit

    hi Marius

    I tried to apply your advice, however I am right clicking with the CTRL key… the menu with background img etc pops up but I am not able to grab anything with it, it just closes back on me. I am not using the mouse…


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  • T travelingrabbit

    @mariusjopen Dear Marius

    thank you so much for your help, I will look into it. In the meantime I had more crazy ideas…

    1. Perfect!

    2. I was thinking that a drawn horizontal line that would blend in more smoothly with the style of the drawing as well as custom arrows. Looks like I have to dive into css…
      … What would the "footer-menu-bar" require?

    3. I will check that out! Thanks.

    Many thanks for everything! Sarah

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  • T travelingrabbit

    Dear Marius

    thank you for your quick response:

    1. here are 2 sketches… maybe it is really simple and I put just an image as background, lay the form on top and tweak its opacity in custom css? I did already a form with wp forms - I only hope I can change the font in the website… question of license
      1_1539344487901_contactform_sketch.jpg 0_1539344487901_contactform_sketch2.jpg

    2. The menu bar on top is a fake menubar I built with lines and text blocks – I would like to reproduce it on each page and was wondering if I could do it the same way the footer sticks to the bottom of every page… which would be much more efficient
      ![0_1539344918197_Capture d'écran 2018-10-12 12.59.44.png]

    the picture in the center is a gif, if would be better to do it in HTML5 to make the loading faster, right?

    0_1539345014307_Capture d'écran 2018-10-12 12.59.44.png
    ( )

    Thanks so much for your tips, best Sarah

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  • T travelingrabbit

    Dear all

    I have 2 questions I would love to have input to.

    • I would like to put text and a contact form over an image. How would you go about this, how would you go about overlaying images on top of each other?

    • it would be super cool to have a header that works like the footer and that I can put on top of the page… How would you do that… HTML is my guess, but since I am a creative code beginner, I would love to know if that is the good direction to do this.

    any one?
    Thank you so much for input.

    Best Sarah

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  • T travelingrabbit

    I was wondering if in the newest version of Laytheme Ninja Forms are supported and how you would go about to customize them. I have basic CSS skills but I am lost here. Anyone in Geneva who would have time for a coffee to help me start on the right foot?

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